Vendor Financing

Ease of Acquisition

Leasing allows a customer to match up the solution they are acquiring with the functionality it will provide to their enterprise. The customer can acquire a solution without a major upfront capital outlay.  Soundview is focused in understanding how to best match up the vendor’s selling criteria with customer’s buying criteria.

Lease Quote is Critical Part of the Sales Process

  • Quoting a lease provides your customer an option that they would explore on their own if you didn’t provide it. This is an opportunity to separate you from your competition.
  • Leasing allows customers to acquire needed equipment while preserving existing credit lines and protecting bank covenants.
  • Leasing offers flexibility of terms to match up with the anticipated life of the product as well as to meet budget requirements
  • Soundview Capital bridges the gap that generally exists between the procurement area in an organization and the finance department that is involved with a purchase vs. lease decision.