how to test a spark plug with a battery

Step 4 Press the load-test start button. Do it gently and carefully. When this is done, the engine will not start, allowing you to test the coil for spark. Notice the voltage reading on the voltmeter. Two things, basically: that electrical and ignition problems are often difficult to diagnose (especially intermittent faults), and that a LOT of electrical and ignition parts are replaced unnecessarily in an attempt to repair problems that are hard to diagnose. The Pre 99 cars are not High Energy Igntion, not at all. A bright, blue spark is an sign of a healthy ignition and charging system. An Ohm meter, which is part of a multimeter, can only check a spark plug for a short circuit or a breakdown of insulation resistance. Try checking the ignition coils. Tools. If the spark plug is good, you will see a spark or you'll hear a crackling noise. If your vehicle is experiencing these problems, it's time to break out the multimeter and start testing coils. It’s how you can check for the fire spark using a screwdriver or screwdriver test light; Remove the engine lid and locate the spark plug. It will, however, still be flooded with fuel, which may cause serious damage. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 24,787 times. As the name implies, it can also test your battery under load to tell you if you’re still getting the Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) the manufacturer promised. You can test a plug for a spark by 'earthing it'. By using our site, you agree to our. A spark plug misfire will immediately be evident in the tester window. Additionally, this tool has no batteries, no lubrication needed, and basically a stand-alone device. Any resistance at all would mean the plug is bad. Then, cross the 2 leads of the multimeter over each other and write down the result you get. This means that voltage is getting through the wire to the spark plug. $19.99. Attach the tool's grounding clamp to the engine cylinder head. Over time spark plug wires will wear out, causing various engine operation issues such as hard starting, misfires, rough idling, poor performance, poor fuel economy, and improper combustion burn. 9 Volt Battery . Next, test a non-contact voltage tester on a circuit you know is working (such as any meter you use daily). Place the spark plug into the spark plug cable cap. Connect your spark plu… If a spark jumps from a plug wire to the test light at any point, this is an indication that the insulation has broken down, and the spark plug wire should be replaced. Not really, but you should — not for the “obvious” reasons. We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. Attach the tester’s clip to a wire at one box, then start touching the probe to wires in the other box. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and holds an Oregon Journeyman Electrical License as well as electrician licenses in Louisiana and Texas. Tighten the spark plug to no more than 12 foot-pounds with a torque wrench, unless directed otherwise by your motorcycle's factory service manual. References. Points: The points are basically a mechanical switch. In a more practical situation, you could do this type of measuring on a car battery to see if it might be dying or if the alternator (which is what charges the battery) is going bad. How to Test Your Car Battery's Charge Using a Multimeter. If infinite (no continuity), an internal open circuit exists. Place the black lead on … Call an electrician if you are not well-versed in making home electrical repairs. 7. Ideally, the insulator should have a light tan color, indicating that the engine and fuel systems are operating properly. Check its battery and consult your user’s manual. Step 9: Repeat for other glow plugs. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, "Haynes Motorcycle Workshop PracticeTechbook"; John Fidell; 1999, "The Professional Motorcycle Repair Program"; Professional Career Development Institute; 1995. A reading of 12.45 volts equals about a 75% charge and is good enough for further testing. If the neon lamp doesn’t light up, either your tester is bad or the power isn’t actually back on to your outlet. To test the operation of both the ignition coil and the spark plug, connect the tester between the spark plug boot and the spark plug. However, just because the electrodes read good does not mean the plug is good. To test spark, use any fresh new sparkplug , do not use a fixed gap spark tester designed for HEI on this older Kicks, use a real spark plug gapped at 0.028" 28 thousands of an inch. A spark plug wire – you could use a regular wire for this but getting it to stay in the coil’s output and keep a connection and stay connected to the spark plug can be a bit of a pain.

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